Welcome to EcoHost! We sell disposable Acacia Palm Leaf Plates  and Coconut Charcoal Briquettes that we import directly from India removing the middlemen to get you superior quality at affordable prices.

Our EcoHost Palm leaf plates are stylish and are an eco-friendly alternative to any disposable plastic dinnerware. They are produced sustainably from a renewable and biodegradable raw material – fallen Indian Palm Leaves, and no trees are cut. Palm leaf plates are light-weight but strong, freezer and heat safe. They are oven safe up to 350F for 45 minutes, and microwave safe on high for 2 minutes.

After using, simply toss them in the trash with food waste, your green recycling can, or home compost. As they’re fully biodegradable, these palm leaf plates will naturally degrade into nutrient-rich organic materials when disposed off with other compostable items, leaving no toxic residue, thus leaving no trace of harm to Mother Earth.

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes are made from the shell of coconuts, and so no tree is cut for manufacture of our briquettes. Coconut charcoal naturally emits higher heat than regular charcoal and also burn longer. They emit less smoke and once they are burnt, its ash can be used in the outdoors.  Made with no additives or binders, our charcoal will be perfect for your BBQ’s.

Everyone can make a small difference in this world by choosing what’s right, in terms of our carbon footprint and how we are responsible for the earth’s declining ecosystem. You can start now by trying our products!